Nutcracker at The Whitney

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Southeastern Michigan Classical Ballet performs the Nutcracker Ballet at the historic Whitney mansion in Detroit. The Whitney is Detroit's most iconic mansion and in 1894 became home to David Whitney, the wealthiest man in Detroit at the time. Watching the Nutcracker Ballet in this historic setting is truly a wonderful experience; it feels as if you are stepping into a different period of time.

Michigan's first ever strolling Nutcracker is heading into its sixth season and will be performed by members of the Southeastern Michigan Classical Ballet at The Whitney Mansion in Detroit.

The "Strolling" Nutcracker will be performed inside the mansion and will move with the audience from room to room as the holiday classic unfolds.  It is a unique performance and to date is the only ballet of its kind to be performed inside a mansion. The Southeastern Michigan Classical Ballet will be performing the Ballet November 25th, and 26th for four performances inside the great estate. 

The audience actually feels as if they're part of the production as they watch the story of Clara and her beloved Nutcracker come to life. Audience members will move with the performers from room to room inside the grandiose mansion as each scene of the Nutcracker is performed. Each room is elaborately decorated in true holiday fashion.

Instead of back drops and grand sets, the mansion serves as a natural backdrop to the ballet. Costumes are authentic and were made in England and are in the true Victorian fashion.

No details were spared when planning the performance inside the mansion. It is an intimate setting, under 50 tickets per show are sold, so it sells out quickly.